Parent In-Car Manual
With Certificate - (C2693)


No Fees or Useless Add-ons
  • 7 Sections To Help You Reach 44 Hours of Driving
  • Grading Tool To Know When to Advance Your Teen
  • Diagrams and Pictures to Explain Specific Situations
  • Driving Exam Test Preparation
  • This is NOT the TDLR Parent Guide

The Parent In-Car Instruction manual is meant for students who did not complete the classroom portion of drivers ed with National Driver Training. This manual walks you through the most challenging part of drivers ed – the driving. Beginning in a controlled environment, a parking lot, parents are guided on what has become second nature to them, but is completely foreign to their new driver. The course includes:

Please note: This course is included with our online course. It is made available as a supplement to those who did not purchase National Driver Training’s online course.