History of National Driver Training


NDT Was Started

In 1995, National Driver Training was born out of the realization that teens account for far too many accidents. When it came to understanding why, there was a huge component missing - parent involvement. This began the idea of more in-car driving and ultimately the idea of Graduated Driver Licensing.  

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First Legislation was Passed

In 1996 National Driver Training helped bring about the first legislation that incorporated parents into the training process with SB 64 in Texas. As experts in the field of driver education, NDT representatives provided testimony that would shape new driving laws. These laws became the blueprint for many states. National Driver Training assisted in legislation in Colorado, California, Oklahoma, Virginia, New Mexico and Oregon.


NDT goes Online

National Driver Training was the first drivers ed to provide online education, moving students from textbooks to an online format. National Driver Training was the first known approved online course in the United States when it received the green light by the State of Texas.

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National Driver Training Moves

National Driver Training Relocates from its Colorado Springs, Colorado office to Austin, Texas - in Lakeway to be exact.


Driver Instructor showing Student Driver driving test

National Driver Training Goes Mobile

In 2018, National Driver Training moved to a mobile app format for teens to be able to complete their coursework from the convenience of their cell phone. The change began in Texas and continues to receive approvals across the nation.